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10 work opportunities women online home jobs ?

There are a zillion opportunities to work from home, if not more! Here are a few that I know of. women online jobs home

women online jobs home


Content writing

Content writing is a field with loads of opportunity. Why do people use Google? For content! And what do they see? The content. These pieces of content are created by writers like you or me and this does not require expertise other than language skills. If you are poor in English, there are plenty of opportunity in other Indian languages too. women online job home

Social media management

Social media management is a time consuming and yet difficult task for companies. Every organization however big or small (and let alone organizations, even the local kirana stores) have social media pages. Managing the social media handles may not be the priority for these companies. So, they always look for creative people who can handle these for them. If social media is your cuppa tea, then you should explore opportunities in this field. There are many short-term online courses which would help you to know the various nuances of social media management.


A vlog is nothing but a blog in a video format.  Haven’t you come across several YouTube food channels created by homemakers? These are their own vlogs. Not only food vlogs, there are travel vlogs, DIY craft vlogs, informative, parenting or motivational talk vlogs, etc. If you have the skills to make videos like these, you can start your own channel. When your channel hits a certain number of views, you start getting paid for it. If you gain popularity you can earn from affiliate marketing or product promotions too. All you need is a high-quality camera or camera phone and mic to start posting.


Do you have a fan following on Twitter or Instagram? You can become an influencer. Influencers are sought after these days as they play an important role in word of mouth communication for brands. Influencers not only promote a product through social media but also review many products. They earn from these activities!


Blogging is an age-old way of earning, though getting on top of Google search results and getting visitors to your page could be a tough challenge. But, once you do, you get paid for ads and also through affiliate marketing. If you have many unique visitors a month, you get many brands coming after you for sponsored blogs. All you need for blogging (besides writing skills) is persistence and patience!

Graphic Designing

Like content writing, graphic designing is also a field with boundless opportunities. If you are a creative person, with a knowledge of Photoshop, and other graphics tools, then graphic designing could give you a lot of scope to work from home. In this era of social media, creative posts capture the attention of a user. Graphic designers help in grabbing the attention of these users and help to achieve greater engagement in social media.

Video graphics

Video graphics are created by compiling an idea with a number of photos or creating simple animations and graphics using various available tools like Photoshop, Illustrator or various creative Cloud based tools. If you are an expert in making video graphics, then you should definitely try this out. You can sell your videos to brands and help them in their social media activities.

Digital marketing

If you put social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization together, this becomes digital marketing. If you are passionate about marketing, then this could be your arena. Digital marketing jobs are in abundance in India give the growth rate of digital adoption. The key to a successful digital marketer is to follow the current trend. You should maintain an edge in knowing the latest trends by following popular marketing blogs and influencers

App/web development

If you are design savvy, then there are a lot of companies looking for developers who could support them remotely. The projects could be small design level tweaks to entire website/ app development. Mostly, start-ups look for these type of remote assistance as they get good savings on cost. Experienced developers are also sought after by larger organizations.

Translator and voice-over artists

You don’t need a blog like this to tell you that the world requires a lot of translators! Translation could be from your own regional language to foreign languages. So, if you are a linguist, you should definitely tap this area. Voice over artists are also in huge demand, thanks to the popularity of YouTube and video tutorials. VO artists are demanded by video creators. If you are bilingual, you can be a VO artist for many languages.

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